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New Mazda Cars VS Used Mazda Cars

If you're needing or wanting to replace your current vehicle, you may be facing the question that most of us face at some point... Should I buy a new car or a used car? More specifically, we hope you're trying to choose between a new Mazda or a used Mazda.
The answer is going to be different for each person, as there are advantages that each option offers.  Everyone also has a different financial situation, so that of course comes into play.  Always make sure to carefully analyze your budget and consider what you can afford before purchasing either way!  Here we wanted to share a few of the reasons you might prefer a used Mazda vehicle from Wantagh Mazda instead of a new car.
Mazda New vs Used
Save Money 

First and foremost, the most obvious advantage of a used Mazda: 
Factors like mileage, condition, and location determine how good of a deal you can get on a used vehicle.  Take this example: The price for a used 2012 Mazda3 with 10,000 miles on it is about $14,300. Compare that to the price of a 2015 Mazda3 - you're ranging anywhere from $18,800 to $27,600. Now compare those prices.  You could save at least $4,500 by buying used. 

Afford Upgrades 

The second advantage of purchasing used Mazda cars instead of new cars goes hand in hand with saving money. When you're buying used, you can afford to buy a nicer car with the same budget.  Let's say you have a budget of $20,000. There's only a handful of new Mazdas available under that pricepoint. And they're the base models.  Start looking in the used car lot, and you have a lot more options, including models with upgrades and bells and whistles.  You might even be able to afford to add on some additional aftermarket accessories you want!

Less Depreciation

The last advantage of used cars that we'll examine here is that a used car won’t depreciate nearly as much as a new car will. According to Consumer Reports, new car “models typically lose about 47 percent of their value in the first three years, com­pared with 24 percent over the next three [years].”  So what exactly does that mean?  Well, let's say you purchase a used 2012 Mazda3 in 2015. The vehicle has already taken its biggest hit in value.  So if you choose to sell it in 2018, you’ll likely recuperate more of what you paid for it, compared to if you had bought a brand new 2015 model and were selling it in 2018. Sounds like a pretty good deal, huh? 

Worried that a used car won't be as reliable as a new one?  Don't be!  At Wantagh Mazda, we only stock Mazda vehicles that pass the strict requirements of the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned program. That means we are confident in the vehicle, and it's even backed up with a great warranty! Check out the details of the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned program here:
Looking for more information on the advantages of buying either new or used Mazda cars? Take a look at this list from Edmunds for more help in making your decision of whether to buy new or used. Good luck in your research! 

If you would like any personalized advice, please feel free to give us a call at the dealership!  Our expert staff can help you out.  And of course, whenever you're ready to buy, please check out our inventory of new Mazda vehicles and Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas or come visit us!
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